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Juggling Jobs

So I think I’ve mentioned before how I currently juggle a variety of jobs in order to make ends meet. My main focus is being a substitute teacher, as it will (hopefully) lead to a fully fledged teaching career in … Continue reading

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Quotable students

A few weeks ago I was back at a school I was in a lot last year as a sub. I was walking into the auditorium and this happened: Student: [sees me walk in] Ah man – we have a … Continue reading

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Be Memorable

I’m still a bit overwhelmed by all the attention I got through Freshly Pressed the other day. There’s still lots of comments I need to respond to and I might even get around to it later this afternoon. I taught … Continue reading

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So today has been a very random day. I’ve ended up on Freshly Pressed for my 6am Wake-up Call post and suddenly my number of views on my busiest day went from about 40 to 850+ which is insane to … Continue reading

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Stage Fright vs. Laziness

As those of you who have been reading along will likely remember, my main teachable subject happens to be Drama and as a result I tend to substitute in those classes a fair bit. Now having done a lot of … Continue reading

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