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Even Harvard Agrees: Hire those from the Humanities

Worst Professor Ever had a link up on her blog leading over to an article called Want Innovative Thinking? Hire from the Humanities which appeared in the Harvard Business Review. Basically this article reaffirms my belief that the hierarchy of … Continue reading

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Slut Walk

Sunday in Toronto there was a Slut Walk held as a protest against comments made by the police about how women could avoid rape if they didn’t dress like sluts. Now I’m going to take a point of view here … Continue reading

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Whose afraid of the big bad wolf?

Here’s a nice little animation that’s going around. It’s a good look at how things are currently going in the Middle East – with that side of sarcasm that I adore when people poke fun at the news. Thoughts?

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I just had to share this. I love Smosh’s stuff – have from the beginning with the original Pokemon theme song video they made. They’re funny and creative guys. Enjoy.

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Other fun news – I’ve signed up at Twitter as Miss Substitute. Follow me over there to keep up to date! Who knows how much I’ll actually use the thing, but there it is. Yay social networking…or something. And here’s … Continue reading

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Jane Austen’s Fight Club

This is a video I first found last year, but I felt the need to share it. It’s so perfect in showing how you can take something that many students would view as old and outdated, and jazz it up … Continue reading

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