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Get Your Shit Together

I myself have many faults – including procrastination and sheer laziness when the mood strikes. I’m often the type of person who says “Don’t worry about it – it’ll get done.” And it does – just often at the last … Continue reading

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Just call me Little Miss Odd Jobs

I’ve mentioned before how I seem to find work relatively easily. It’s uncanny almost. Clearly the idea of me being unemployed for any length of time does not sit well with the universe. From my various jobs I’ve come up … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale

I’ve been pretty quiet the past week because I’ve been insanely busy working multiple jobs yet again, along with balancing everything else in my life. In any event, I come with a story. A friend of mine, let’s call her … Continue reading

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Working Multiple Jobs

It’s something I’m sure many of you have done at your point – working multiple jobs at the same time. Being a substitute teacher, it’s something that I’m currently grappling with. In the past I’ve maybe had to balance full … Continue reading

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