December Birthdays

I happen to be one of those unfortunate people who is afflicted with a December Birthday. When you reach the point in your life where you would like to have kids, do those kids a favour and try not to conceive nine months from December. You will save them a great deal of frustration.

You see December is already a busy month for everyone. You have all the major holidays happening which means various Holiday parties/dinners/family commitments/etc. and then to really add to things, there are several years in there where anyone who is in college/university has exams during that entire month. If you think you’ll be smart and try to do a November birthday, forget it because that’s when everyone has projects/essays do if they’re in university/college. And if you think it’ll be smarter to just wait until the new year in January, forget that because everyone is just like “Wasn’t your birthday a month ago?” and doesn’t care.

So yeah, I’m a little bitter about it. People always have other things going on to the point that I never feel like I’m a priority. At a certain point when the majority of your returned RSVPs are negative, you start to feel a bit like a friend-less loser. Now granted, if your birthday was any other month of the year, very easily people could also be busy and be unable to come, but it’s always magnified this time of year because everyone is getting party fatigue.

Yes, birthdays are not super important after a certain point, but it’s the one day a year you’re allowed to be a little selfish and demand people be nice to you. Don’t even get me started on the idea of combo Birthday/Christmas gifts – worst idea ever. No other birthday month has this problem, so why should I?

Now some of my issues are likely a result of the type of friends involved and are not directly related to the December birthday problem, but they are also annoying as hell and deserve a mention.

1. If it is not your birthday, you don’t get to pick what we do. End of story. Suck it up and come out and have a good time for the sake of the birthday girl/boy.

2. Do not bail day of. Seriously – dick move. This pretty goes for anything at all. Unless you have a really good reason, bailing day of is about the rudest thing you can do.

3. Quit being non-commital. Again – this goes for every day life and not just for birthdays, but I find it really frustrating with a December birthday. Learn to make a decision.

4. Wrap a birthday present in holiday paper. Seriously – no.

5. Combo-gifts deserve another mention here. Would you give someone their birthday present in July and say it was also their combo gift with Christmas? No. If we are the kind of friends that do presents, I want two presents like what I got you.

6. Try to convince me to holiday theme my birthday. No.

I’m finding it very frustrating this year, as a few of my friends are like “Well, birthdays don’t really matter and people just don’t do big parties anymore.” Yeah except I never got to have a big party to begin with once we were all legal drinking age because everyone always had exams. It’s especially frustrating when you start to question why you decided to bother having a party at all, because all it has done is piss you off and make you feel like your friends could really care less about you.

So do me a favour, be nice to your friends with December birthdays and cut them some slack when they get annoyed. Unless you have a holiday birthday it’s very hard to understand the frustration.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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