It’s the little things in life

My day was a very all over the map kind of day because of various little things. Some good and some not so good, but not so much bad as just irritating and eye roll inducing. I find that I seem to get more easily annoyed when I’ve been getting less sleep than normal, so no surprise that while today started out fantastic, the smallest things really started harshing my mellow.

However, in the interest of going to sleep with a good feeling, the things that were positive today.

1. Going down to eat breakfast and seeing a giant front page picture of two of the kids from the special education classroom I volunteer in. They were voted prom king and queen. Super cute and heartwarming that their peers would do such a thing.

2. Getting to go play baseball for several hours as part of an outreach thing with my work. So much better than sitting in a stuffy building all day.

3. The Boy noticing I was getting increasingly frustrated by my poor athletic performance (I’m on restrictions at the moment due to a recent injury so running is quite painful). The Boy and I tend to have a pretty joking rapport with each other. However, he was intuitive enough to notice that I was agitated and gave me a quiet high five of encouragement when I got to the base he was playing – even though we were on opposing teams. We tend to be loud and over the top with each other, so when we are quieter/softer with each other it’s very noticeably sincere and genuine. (Not that we aren’t sincere and genuine the rest of the time, we just tend to overlay those things with a lot of extras in terms of volume and chatter.)

4. Free food. Speaks for itself.

5. Getting to spend a night at home with nothing at all to do. Nice change of pace since I’ve just been on the go so much lately.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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