Get Your Shit Together

I myself have many faults – including procrastination and sheer laziness when the mood strikes. I’m often the type of person who says “Don’t worry about it – it’ll get done.” And it does – just often at the last minute when the deadline finally lights a fire under my ass. Ironically, this is something I hate in other people – especially if it is a group project because group projects are the one thing I always do right away. It’s one thing for me to do poorly and it affects me, it’s different if I know it will affect other people.

I also will often have a mind like a sieve – I forget things. A lot. My short term memory is awful. However, I guarantee you I’ll remember all about your favourite top you’ve had for years that no longer fits because you had two kids, but damnit you’re going to lose 30lbs and wear it again by 2012. (I use that as an example because it’s true and my friend was shocked I remembered.) However, important things – especially work related deadlines or notes on extra training, I always have it written down somewhere. I will also always know when we have a day off because we had to work a Saturday – like we do tomorrow.

Girl A from my previous post – Awkward – is an example of someone who needs to get her shit together. Twice today she’s messaged me about stuff from work. The first one at about 9:30am as I was getting ready to go to church, asking when some extra training was that doesn’t apply to me because I’ve already done it. The second was about 20 minutes ago asking if tomorrow was the day we had off.

…really? You need to double check which day you have off? How did you manage to not make a big note of that in your calendar? Aside from this she is beyond scattered at work and I suspect I’m going to have to pick up the slack on any major events as a result. Awesome.

It seems like a lot of my friends and acquaintances need to get their shit together lately. There’s the popular not bothering to really look for a job, but then whining about not having anything to do and having no money. (Bonus points if they buy expensive Coach purses or a new car!) There’s the equally, if not more popular, “Omg why is he being so mean?” in regards to dates/hook-ups/boyfriends/girlfriends when they themselves are being about a bazillion times worse (in some cases cheating themselves).

I understand when you suddenly finish school in your early/mid-twenties it’s rough. You thought you’d graduate and land your dream job didn’t you? No dice my friend. There are those lucky few who pull that off and I’m pretty sure most of them worked their asses off to get there. There’s people like me who have somehow managed to have almost a dozen jobs since graduation this time last year – even if they were seasonal or contract only. I still apply to an average of 3-5 jobs a week too. (Often teaching assignments that I never hear back about, but I keep applying.)

My point – convoluted as it may be – is that you need to get your shit together. Plain and simple. You cannot waste all this time doing dick all and not take any responsibility for yourself and your work. Buy a daybook and keep track of everything – that’s what I had to do. Honestly – it works miracles some days.



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Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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