I think everyone has at least one really socially awkward person in their workplace. Now there are different kinds of socially awkward – there are people who try and just fail; people who just don’t talk – ever; people who are just weird; etc. My summer job has a few of them which is incredibly frustrating given the social nature of working camps. Now, it’s one thing when it’s a counsellor – you sort of expect them to be a bit weird with you when you’re the boss. However, it’s even more awkward and frustrating when it’s other supervisors.

We’re still doing pre-summer planning for all of the different kinds of camps at the moment, so all us supervisors get to hang out and do our various work – but in the same room. We tend to have similar things to do, but it’s all individual for the specific camp you have. Anywho – myself and four of the others tend to work in a slight cluster at times and plan some events together because of the nature of our camps. This year we have not just one but two socially awkward individuals in the cluster. Boy A was in the cluster last year and we were hoping he wouldn’t be back – it wasn’t that he was bad, more just weirded us out. A lot. Girl A had a different position last year but switched so now she’s in the cluster and I’m sort of in charge of training her for her new position. Anywho – Girl A is socially awkward, but is fine in small doses and knows when to knock it off most of the time. So she’s socially awkward in the manageable sense. None of us want to hang out with her outside work, but we’re not going to just walk away from her mid-conversation either.

Boy A is a whole other story. Number 1 – he managed to weird us all out last year on the first day when he told us all his problems. The guy has some legit things going on his life, but at the same time this is work. You need to leave those problems at the door. Also, he’s just weird. He does the like weird creep up behind you when you’re having a conversation and stands there awkwardly waiting for you to acknowledge him. He also has taken to sort of following me around. He’s big and awkward looking and looks physically uncomfortable in his own skin which makes me nervous. I’m very protective of my personal space at the best of times – but it bothers me even more when it’s someone I just find kindda shady in that weird way where you can’t quite put your finger on why you think they might be that shady.

Boy A and Girl A both sit across from me and The Boy. The Boy and I tend to have conversations with each other throughout the day as we work. Boy A and Girl A have a tendency to try and jump in at times in very awkward fashions when it is clearly a 2 person inane conversation. Boy A was particularly frustrating today and doesn’t seem to get the hint when The Boy and I do the polite acknowledgement before going back to our 2 person convo.

This is more rambling than I intended, but my main point is this – if you are that socially awkward, you need to do something about it. Do not follow people around. It creeps them out – especially if you stand awkwardly close. And stop trying so hard. The Boy and I have a fair number of inside jokes and stories – no one else at work knows about them either so it’s not like you’re being left out. The fact of the matter is we chill outside of work together. You weren’t there – you don’t know what we’re talking about so stop trying to butt in.

I feel like learning boundaries is the biggest thing. Did that make sense? Probably not.


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Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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