“Just like an old married couple”

Up until this week, to my knowledge I had never had a moment where someone compared me and another person to being “just like an old married couple.” It was our second day of work for pre-season planning for camps when it happened and caught both of us a bit off guard.

You see, I’ve gone back to my summer job which is where I know The Boy from originally. Once again, we have ended up sitting beside each other and once again have set ourselves up to spend the summer pestering each other. Day 1 we were moving around a bunch, but he decided to hitch a ride with me when we had our mini field trip and we found ourselves beside each other for a short time when completing yet another “what type of person are you” quiz to see how we are in the workplace. He and I are never in the same group for that, but as we went through the quiz we would turn to each other and ask what the other thought. My favourite was when he turned to me with a big grin and asked “{my name}, am I charming?” “Well, you can be.” A minute later, I turned to him and asked “The Boy, am I charismatic?” “Well, you can be.” In then end, I ended up in the Energizer group and he ended up in the Nurturer group – not surprising on either account.

Day 2 rolls around though and he actually beat me to work and already had collected his boxes from the storage room. So I walked in and dropped my purse in the chair beside him before going to get my own stuff. Our table gained another guy and another girl across from us and we all got to work. He spent more time on his box than I did, while I pulled out the side project mini-competition he and I are running over the month for all the supervisors. He and I went back and forth with the banter as we do and within an hour, the girl across from me made the comment – “You two are just like an old married couple.” When we both looked up at her – with interesting expressions I’m sure – she clarified – “Not like a new married couple, but an old married couple.” I didn’t trust myself to look at him so I sort of laughed it off with the comment of “Yeah – the bitterness just seeps through doesn’t it.” Before going back to my work

Luckily we returned to our regular banter with each other quickly, and that’s continued since. We go at each other constantly – but all in fun. However, I’m interested to see how many more comments we get on our behaviour – and if we have someone else liken us to an old married couple.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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