Annoying Coaches

For those of you who play sports, I’m sure you’ve had at least one really annoying coach that you just never wanted to listen to. I’ve had a few between all the various sports I’ve played. Some – like in track and field – were great for other events, but I felt didn’t have a damn clue how to coach me for mine. I dealt with it by mostly doing what they told me to do, but then when we had a big practice with a bunch of other schools, got some stuff from a coach from another school to do and would run my own mini practice, often bringing over the younger sprinters as well. I’m sorry but training for sprints is way different than long distance. Then, just to piss them off a little bit more, I came back after I graduated and coached for a year. Oh – and the one girl I did start coaching? Improved her personal best by 2 seconds in the 100m after 2 weeks with me. Yep.

I also had some really frustrating volleyball coaches in gr.10, but I dealt with it and tried to shrug it off. I wasn’t as mouthy back then.

However now, now I just have zero patience for it. This is my 18th season (12th in the competitive divisions), so I know what I’m doing. I switched teams – moving down a division to get away from people on my old team, including the coaches. Women’s soccer is full of……well it’s full of bullshit frankly. Anywho – I switched of my own accord to play with new people who I got along with better. The upshot has been the two teams still practice together.


As it happens, in the past few years as I’ve gradually lost respect for the coaching staff I’ve stopped really listening. I listened initially, but they still stopped playing me, so I went back to doing what worked for me. What they seem to fail to notice usually is that when I am on the field, I become the play maker and oh would you look at that we score goals? Shocker. Anywho – we had practice last night for both teams and my old coaches were trying to tell me what to do. Here’s the thing – I haven’t been to practice in 3 weeks because I was away and it’s also about 40 degrees celsius out with a humidex warning. Odds are, I’m not going to want to run much – especially when all we do for the whole time is a scrimmage. And if you’re going to try and tell me something, you need to give me a damn good reason.

Funny enough my new coach seemed to get that. We took a water break he told me what he wanted me to do and why because he saw that I can be a playmaker so he switched my position entirely.

Knew I was glad I changed.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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