Back from Vacation

Hello all!

I took a two week vacation, visiting some old friends from my year abroad and also going somewhere new for the first time. It was a very relaxing and wonderful two weeks – and very much needed. While life as a substitute teacher isn’t entirely stressful per say, the not knowing if you’ll be working does start to wear on you as being rudely awaken at 6am by your phone is not exactly pleasant some days.

In any event, I’ve discovered the following about myself. I tend to read a lot more when I’m on vacation – as evidence of me reading 6.5 books in 2 weeks this go around. I check the internet much less often. I unplugged myself from my phone. I drink more water. I walk more. I also spend way more money than I mean to but hey – I was on vacation!

I also much prefer traveling by train as opposed to planes/buses. Planes may be faster but my god are they LOUD and a bit jarring. I just managed to get back across the Atlantic around the problems of the volcanic ash cloud as well. Luck was on my side for that apparently.

So I will hopefully begin updating regularly again. And hopefully have some new insights on the world around me to put into writing.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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