Just call me Little Miss Odd Jobs

I’ve mentioned before how I seem to find work relatively easily. It’s uncanny almost. Clearly the idea of me being unemployed for any length of time does not sit well with the universe. From my various jobs I’ve come up with a sort of list of types of jobs everyone should have at some point in their life, so as to better appreciate when they get higher up in terms of their career path.

Babysitter: If you ever desire to have children, you should make sure you can get along with them first. Don’t let one family of miscreants sour your views either. I recommend that you babysit at least 3 different families. This is a really easy first job for a kid to have – even if it starts with babysitting your own siblings. I started babysitting for other people at the age of 12 – course before that I had done some pet sitting for various neighbours too. So I guess practice on animals first then work with kids?

Camp Counsellor: Related to the above, but not quite the same. Number one you’re responsible for way more kids and there are more rules and regulations – but you get to set some of them. This is seasonal work, which is very good for high school students. Depending on how your camp is run you may be asked to complete daily plans in advance as well. You’ll also have supervisors you can go to with problems and questions.

Sports Referee: My first job after babysitting was being a soccer referee for little kids rec leagues. I was 12. You quickly develop a thick skin doing those sorts of things. It’s amazing how crazy some of the parents are. However, this will give you a better appreciate for how much crap people in certain jobs go through. I recommend this to anyone who is a sports fan – especially ones who yell at the referees in their own games when they play. There are not very many female referees – largely because there are mostly male coaches still (even in rec leagues for kids). There is a fair amount of sexist comments that will come out on the field – even in front of impressionable young girls. Bit of an eye opener for your daughter when you’re calling the female referee a blind little bitch who should have stayed home in the kitchen where she belonged. (I think I was about 18 when I got that comment.) It’s a hard job.

Food Service/Prep: I have never worked fast food, however, I did have a brief stint of waitressing while living overseas and once up at a resort when I was visiting a friend at her cottage nearby. Luckily I never really had to deal with taking orders per say – I just brought out the pre-approve menu for formal dinners and pre-ordered pub food where I had to find the right number on the proper table. It is a shit job no matter how you slice it really. I’ve heard some real horror stories of working fast food in particular. If nothing else – working in fast food should make you stop eating fast food.

Retail/Customer Service: Technically speaking I haven’t worked proper retail, but I have some related experience. In any event, every should try working retail so they understand why it is that sometimes the clerks are just having an off day. If you’ve just had someone yell at you 5 minutes ago, you aren’t exactly going to be totally perky for the next guy who walks in your store. This is especially true if you work a place that really follows the idea that the customer is always right.

Factory/Manual Labour: I’ve done bits of manual labour at times, usually relating to my summer jobs. However, I’ve also done some factory work. I’ve done hot stamping, silk screening, general piece work, packing, shipping, etc. All the really shit jobs in a factory basically. It’s tedious and it’s exhausting. I’m lucky that the factory work I do allows me to wear my iPod. It gives you a better appreciate for other cleaner and less menial jobs though. The place I’ve worked in has an office out front and between the office and the entire factory in the back, I’m probably the most highly educated person and overqualified person working there. Course, my qualifications have nothing to do with the business being run there. Manual labour is also good – especially things like yardwork because again, they’re seasonal, making great student jobs.

Are there any other types of jobs you’d add to this list?


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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One Response to Just call me Little Miss Odd Jobs

  1. My first “official” job was when I was 15. I lasted exactly one day as a telemarketer for a studio.

    I couple of weeks later, I took a job as a hostess at a Chinese food restaurant. The restaurant didn’t care that I was fifteen; what mattered to them was that I was the first of dozens of applicants who could do mental math.

    Later I worked at McDonald’s, then at the university’s housing as a painter. From there, I moved on to more standard administrative jobs, which felt like quite the blessing after the starter jobs!

    Now I look back on those days and am so grateful for them. Remembering them helps me be so much more grateful for what I have now!

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