Sister Wives

I’ll admit it – I like watching TLC on a regular basis. Say Yes to the Dress is one of my go-to guilty pleasure shows. I also adore What Not to Wear on occasion and I used to watch Trading Spaces, Jonn & Kate Plus 8 (when it still had Jon), 19 Kids & Counting, etc. My Strange Addiction and Hoarding are more recent shows as well that occasionally catch my eye. But the ultimate guilty pleasure show as of late? Sister Wives.

I will say it straight up – that is not a lifestyle I would ever choose. Ever. There are many things I would be willing to share – my husband would not be one of them. I’m not a jealous person by nature per say, but sharing my husband with another woman is a no go. I’ll have a hard enough time dealing with the mother-in-law and my kids competing for his attention, I don’t need another wife in there on top of it.

For those who haven’t seen the show – it’s about a polygamist family. Kody is the dad and has 4 wives – Meri (1 child), Janelle (6 children), Christine (6 children) and Robin (3 children from a previous marriage, now expecting first with Kody). Robin married Kody at the end of the first season and lives in a small house away from the big house where the rest all live together as they have for some time.

What I do find interesting about the Brown family in the show is that they seem relatively modern in terms of the wives working and the kids actually attending school. What I find even more interesting is how much of a jerk Kody can be to not only his wives, but also to his mother. Prime example – just taking his mom’s food. Who does that? Seriously. His whole personality seems to be that of someone who hasn’t fully grown up yet. I also find it interesting that two of the wives were actually married, prior to then marrying Cody. Along with that – the fact that of the adults only half came from a polygamist family to begin with – the others converted to this belief system. That’s just weird to me.

They certainly don’t read as completely “brainwashed” but there is just something off to me when they speak – especially when they talk about having to work through jealousy issues. Or when Meri said to Kody she was having jealousy issues and tried to compare it to the idea of how he might feel if she had multiple husbands which actually almost made him angry that she even suggested it because that was disgusting. Why is the idea of multiple husbands disgusting but multiple wives is not? That’s my question. Maybe that’s just me though.

I think back in the day there was a reason for polygamy – there were not enough successful men around and women were only going to survive if they had someone to provide for them. Men also wanted to have a lot of chances of having children, hence the need for more wives. In today’s world though? Doesn’t make sense to me. I suppose to each their own as long as it’s a choice and not being forced on them.

What are your thoughts?


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2 Responses to Sister Wives

  1. Well, one thing that really bugs me is that I have friends who are bi and they would be completely fine in being a relationship with more than one person of the same sex and yet they’re appalled that one man might be with more than one person. I think that sometimes polygamy can work, if it’s done right but in the wrong way with an abusive relationship then it’s not right. At all. If the women in the relationship are all cared for and all have the same love given to them, then it is okay. It’s not okay when one woman is loved more than the rest or when one woman is the only woman that has her house/food/children provided for.

    • That’s a good point – everyone needs to be equal/there can’t be abuse.

      I guess because it’s not something I would ever even entertain as something I would want for my life, I can’t quite fathom how someone else would because it is so “out there” to me. I’d find it interesting though if there was an example of polygamy where it was a woman with multiple husbands.

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