One of the things I love about traveling is taking pictures. I just re-did the header on this here blog with pictures I found of various doors. That’s one of my favourite types of photography – pictures of every day things that stand out in some way. Pictures of doors, cafes, bicycles, flowers, etc. I also love parks and park benches – something I found plenty of in Central Park when I went to NYC this past fall.

I really wish that when I’d been in England I would’ve thought to take pictures of the pubs though. I thought of this when I was going through postcards I had bought the other day and stumbled on one of different pubs. The pub is something very British in my mind for some reason. I also like funky lamps and clocks. I find statues can sometimes be interesting, but I often find I don’t always know what they are exactly – what they’re supposed to represent and that ends up bothering me when I look at the pictures later.

I like to play with colours – especially bursts of colour that appear in strange places. Doors or graffiti are typical examples of this for me. I like candid pictures of people, but I feel like a creeper if I try and sneak pictures of people without them knowing. I’ll do it to my friends at social gatherings and that’s not as creepy – but if I went around taking pictures of kids that would probably be frowned upon.

Stained glass is another example of colour – but it doesn’t always photograph as well as one would perhaps like. I also like light posts – even though at a certain point they all start to look the same. This is likely because the majority of the light posts in any given city are going to be the same make and model.

What do you like to take photographs of?


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Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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