Drunk Calls

I’ve realized my last few entries seem to all end up being musings and ramblings. It makes me feel like I’m getting preachy. Not cool. I’m also feeling bloggy since I didn’t post anything new yesterday so for my second post of the day – DRUNK CALLS! Drunk calls (and texts) can be incredibly annoying at the time if they wake you up, but also hilarious. Particularly if you get a voicemail out of it that you can play for your friends again and again. There’s even a website that is devoted to what seem to usually be drunk texts – Texts From Last Night. Though some may be just funny texts, I would suspect a large number of them are the direct result of alcohol.

So what is it about Drunk Dialing? Not everyone does it and not everyone thinks it’s funny. Some people truly seem to hate it – though usually these are the same people who hate pretty much everything. Drunk Dialing as long as it’s done with the intention of humour and not as a reason to spill your guts confessing your deep dark secrets, is perfectly ok…usually. It’s sort of like the pictures that get taken when you’re drunk – some of them are going to be questionable in nature.

Funny drunk dials/texts I’ve received:

1. One of my camp counsellors drunk called my work phone last summer late one Friday night. I didn’t answer fast enough and sent him a text basically amounting to “What the hell? Why are you texting me?” I received “Oh sorrrry. Jussst iggnore ittttttt.” If I hadn’t already been thinking perhaps he had been drinking, that sealed the deal. I put my phone on silent, thinking that he might try again. Sure enough I woke up to another missed call, plus two more texts. One saying “I misssssss yoouuuuu toooooooooooo” and the other being from that morning when he woke up hungover “Please ignore all calls and texts from last night. I am really sorry.” Apparently the girl he was dating at the time had the same first name as me. When I had my staff meeting the following week I had a special note on the agenda about appropriate times to call me outside of work hours just for him.

2. I had just moved back home after my year overseas in third year. About a week after getting home all my friends were drunk at a party and decided to call me – on one of the building phones because it was long distance and none of them wanted to pay for it. They basically got the university to pay for their drunk call. I had about 20 drunk Swedes singing and carrying on into the phone at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon my time. The best part was it took them the entire conversation to figure out how to put it on speaker phone. They also wouldn’t tell me who was talking to me so I had to keep guessing.

3. Over the Christmas holidays, I texted my friend about our upcoming plans for seeing a show right before New Year’s. It was probably the day after Boxing Day. I received the following text in return: “So I read your text but I’m drunk so I’m not sure what it said. I don’t think I will be sober until….I’m not sober.”

4. And at a pubcrawl last year. My friend had disappeared and I was concerned. So the following exchange occurred:
Me: Did you leave or are you upstairs? I can’t find you anywhere and I’m concerned because last time I saw you you informed me you were sooooooooooo drunk.
Her: Wei.
Me: Did you mean oui?
Her: Wei.

Alternatively – I have also drunk called people at random times (though not for awhile now). I drunk called my mother after one very long drunken weekend of student festivities when I was overseas. I had left my apartment at about 3pm on the Saturday and returned at about 4pm on the Sunday – still drunk and in my formal wear. My mother had emailed me about something or other, so I decided to call her. It took her about 15 minutes to figure out I was still drunk.

So what have been your experiences with drunk dialing/texting? Have you had funny things happen to you or have you caused the funny yourself?


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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8 Responses to Drunk Calls

  1. sychela says:

    When I was growing up, my parents NEVER drank. Maybe a half glass of wine. But since my brother and I moved out they have gotten to be quite the party animals.

    Last summer after a “Wine and chocolate fair” near my parents’ house, I got a phone call from my mom, that went something like:

    Mom: I just wanted to say I miss youuu.
    Me: Oh, that’s sweet, I miss you too.
    Mom: We went to the wine and schocolate – I mean chocolate – fair. It was GREAT.
    Me: Sounds like it was really great.
    Mom: *hic* Ooops! I have the hiccups. I need to take a nap.
    Me: Are you…are you drunk dialing me?
    Mom: *giggles*

    She called the next day to apologize but I considered it one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me.

    • That’s amazing – I haven’t quite had that yet, though I have experienced that fun that is my parents drinking.

      • sychela says:

        I’m amused by the number of things we seem to have in common, or at least similar. It looks like you might a Theatre major, and another major? I’m Theatre and English (emphasis Creative Writing).

        Also, did you take the picture that is your header? I love it.

        • Theatre and History actually – I got frustrated with what I felt was an over analysis of Shakespeare in particular.

          And now – it’s a default picture for this layout choice. I’m not so good with coding anymore and haven’t really found a different picture to use.

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