So today has been a very random day. I’ve ended up on Freshly Pressed for my 6am Wake-up Call post and suddenly my number of views on my busiest day went from about 40 to 850+ which is insane to me. From what I can see I have incoming links from a number of places including Facebook?? People are linking to my stuff on Facebook? That’s when you know you’ve hit it big in today’s world. So thank you everyone – I’m thrilled and pleasantly surprised by the sudden attention.

Also – my favourite new search term someone has used to find me – “harvard slut.” I feel with that they will have found me because of my post about “Even Harvard Agrees: Hire from the Humanities” and my “Slut Walk” post. Interesting combination.

Anywho – today something else happened that was equally awesome for me. I was subbing at a school I’ve been to a lot – usually for Drama and occasionally for other subjects like History and English. It’s a nice enough school, but in a lower income area, so there’s some kids who are dealing with a lot of stuff. As a result there tends to be a larger percentage of kids acting out/acting up in class. It’s a lot of crowd control. I was only there for the afternoon with the grade 9s and a lot of them remembered me from before which was awesome. Apparently I made an impression – and a good one at that. Some of them were wired for sound though, but such is life. I set them to work and was checking on a group in the hall when a girl I vaguely recognized as having taught walked by. She happened to be a grade 12 I had taught the previous semester – also for Drama. She proceeded to tell me she was so glad to see me again and say how awesome I am/how I’m the best sub ever which was a bit overwhelming and surprising. She then told all the gr.9s they better smarten up and listen to me because I’m the best sub ever and if she heard anything about them giving me a hard time she’d come back and deal with them herself. She’s a good kid too – struggles academically, but is willing to try. I remember we had a big conversation when I was in her class one day about what she wanted to do after high school. She’s definitely a good kid and as a bonus seems like she’s probably well liked by most other students. Having her give me props boosts my street cred.

All in all – today was a pretty sweet day. I must be doing something right because students seem to like me and not because I’m lax and let them get away with things. They actually seem to want to do work for me the more they get to know me and come to me for help on projects.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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2 Responses to Wow

  1. Delorfinde says:

    That’s cool, that she said you were good 🙂

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed … I can imagine it must be very weird! Not to mention the fact that people will probably come back and carry on reading …

    • Yeah – definitely nice, especially when it’s good kids who I know actually mean it.

      Thanks – yeah I was quite pleasantly surprised. And it’s funny to have so many comments on a post that’s now a few days old too! Seems to be something a lot of people can relate to on some level though.

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