Working Multiple Jobs

It’s something I’m sure many of you have done at your point – working multiple jobs at the same time. Being a substitute teacher, it’s something that I’m currently grappling with. In the past I’ve maybe had to balance full time school with competitive sports, working on a show and maybe working part time. In fact last summer was probably the first time I really over loaded myself when I worked 40+ hour weeks with my camps, while completing an online course and still playing competitive level soccer.

Since then it seems that my life goes in fits and starts in terms of just how much I have going on. I’ve been working a lot of short term contract jobs that come with an expirary date which has led to overlap with teaching and some of my other jobs. As it stands now I’ve just finished another online course, as well as two short term contract jobs (each amounted to about 10 hours of work a week each, if that). Now I’m back to just 3 jobs – one being substitute teaching and the other two being flexible in their hours and low in hours respectively. It’s nice to be able to breathe again – despite now having soccer two days a week instead of just one.

What is this obsession with work though? I’ve always been someone who really tries to focus on the idea of work to live, don’t live to work. I enjoy my free time but I have a tendency to go in bursts of about 1-3 months were I take on entirely too many things. It’s one thing when you’re in school and the things you take on are more for fun because they’re extra-curriculars. It’s different to sign contracts where you’re working. I really cannot wait for the day where I only have one job to worry about – but by the time that rolls around I’ll likely have kids which is another full time job in itself.

What are your thoughts on having to work multiple jobs? It’s a common trend lately to work multiple part time jobs in order to equal a full time wage – but are you really equalling full time? Think about it – you spend more time going between jobs likely and you run yourself ragged trying to keep up with everything that’s in all different places. It’s not ideal. yes you may get different experiences from the different jobs but still – it’s going to be tough and drain you a lot faster than just one job I fell. This seems to be particularly true when you have days where you work both of your jobs in the same day. It’s never ending on those days!


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Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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