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So I was checking out my stats for this blog and apparently someone stumbled upon her because of my Tick Tock Goes the Baby Clock post – by searching “tick tock on the clock lyrics.” Someone found a post in which I talk about wanting to have babies…by searching for Ke$ha. Bit of an interesting combination.

So I decided to see what the current popular searches on Google are at this very moment. The top 20 are:

1. ice cream – a very good choice, there must be some good weather happening at the moment
2. the black dahlia – Thought that was an interesting one. I did want to see that movie with Josh Hartnett.
3. when is mothers day 2011 – Likely because according to a quick google search it’s today in the UK. May 8th for North Americans.
4. scream – probably because the franchise just won’t die
5. lds – as in The Church of Latter Day Saints. I was surprised too.
6. epsilon – someone must be looking up frats/sororities
7. macau – travel maybe?
8. borgias – new tv show, makes sense
9. Invictus – now this has been out for awhile, interesting surge
10. ms removal tool – no idea
11. Heidi Montag – WHY? That is all I have to say. WHY
12. Shane Warne – he’s a cricket player. Yeah I don’t know either. Maybe cause the finals were the other day and Indai won?
13. Joel Osteen – It’s Sunday, church day. He’s a church guy.
14. Southwest airlines – maybe they’ve had a lot of commerical lately
15. Leon Russell – he was the musical guest with Elton John last night on SNL
16. Green Lantern – movie, comic book, etc
17. Gelato – similar to ice cream, makes sense
18. The Hills – AGAIN WHY?
19. Audrina Patrdige – see above
20. Ivory Coast – vacation?

It’s one of those times where I want to just start listing off things so this will pop up in search engines so I can see things simply for my own benefit. Like “purple monkey dishwasher” and “crazy cat lady.” I suppose if I really wanted to get noticed I’d just start typing in things relating to sex. That seems to be a pretty popular search on the web – be it for porn or information. And to think – back in the day, kids used to have to try and sneak playboys out of their dad’s stashes. Now they just use google! My how times have changed.

In any event – what are your thoughts on the amount we google? For that matter, how do you feel about google being a verb? Crazy. I remember when Yahoo was the search engine of choice.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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