Another moment in substitute teaching

I had this happen last week one of the days I was supplying actually. I was only supplying part of the day and the regular teacher was supposed to be back half way through third period so she could teach fourth. I had never met this woman before so I didn’t even know who to be on the look-out for. To top it off, technically speaking she hadn’t left me a proper lesson plan for period 3. When I had gotten the automated call I had emailed her asking what the plan was so I only had the very general description of “they will be working on their readers theatre unit.” I figured when I showed up the day of, there would be more of an actual description. No dice.

Anyways – she walked in part way through the class when I had them working on their readers theatre – which amounted to them having story time in their groups with children’s books. Apparently this is what they’ve been doing all week. Great. But I know feel like an asshole because it looks like they’re pretty much wasting time. She didn’t seem that bothered by it though so maybe it’s par for the course.

She leaves and returns at the end of the period when the bell has gone – but it is very unnerving to have the regular teacher then when you’re the sub. It just is. You feel like you’re screwing up even if you aren’t because you know it’s their class and a lot of teachers get protective about that sort of thing.

She seemed nice enough though – quite young actually. The bonus was as students were leaving several of them made a point of telling her I was “awesome” and should “be [their] sub all the time.” Yay for a ringing endorsement! Probably helped that we did improv as a warm-up and I am all over improv like white on rice.

As a sidenote – favourite quotes of the day?

While doing hall duty at lunch:
“So like you could have a giraffe with hands…”

Grade 9 Drama
“Oh, the two of us never do work. You might as well just keep the paper.”

Staff Room
One of the female teachers trying to persuade others to join her and failing, turns to me: You think the lipsync contest would be tons of fun right?
Me: Get me a job and I’ll totally be in it with you. I’m all over stuff like that.
Other teacher: *laughs* Maybe I will!

Grade 10 Drama
Boy in character as Batman: “MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!”
Girl: Why are you doing such an awkward whisper voice?
Batman: Because – it’s part of my mystique!


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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