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A Cautionary Tale

I’ve been pretty quiet the past week because I’ve been insanely busy working multiple jobs yet again, along with balancing everything else in my life. In any event, I come with a story. A friend of mine, let’s call her … Continue reading

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I think that as a kid, one of the greatest things you can have is a pet. When I was about gr.1 we got a cat from and animal shelter. She was about 12 weeks old at that point – … Continue reading

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I admit – I too am guilty of too much texting. Lately it seems to stem from when I’m bored – such as when I’m on prep while subbing. I don’t actually have anything to prep for, so if I … Continue reading

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Sister Wives

I’ll admit it – I like watching TLC on a regular basis. Say Yes to the Dress is one of my go-to guilty pleasure shows. I also adore What Not to Wear on occasion and I used to watch Trading … Continue reading

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Why women like flowers

I was thinking about this yesterday – probably because when I was out shopping with my mom I kept seeing flower stands. There is something oddly traditional about a man giving a woman flowers. Being a history geek, I’d love … Continue reading

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One of the things I love about traveling is taking pictures. I just re-did the header on this here blog with pictures I found of various doors. That’s one of my favourite types of photography – pictures of every day … Continue reading

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I’ve alluded to it in mentioning some of the wonderful quotes I get from students inquiring about my relationship status, but to confirm I am single. In fact, I’ve never had what I would consider a serious relationship. I’ve technically … Continue reading

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