Age is just a number

Second post of the day because I’m a writing mood. I haven’t been updating regularly because of that thing called life that seems to get in the way.

In any event, I’ve had something happen to me multiple times over the last few weeks which have inspired this post.

People keep guessing my age – and guessing low.

Now granted, I am quite young to be doing what I am doing and to top it off I have a birthday late in the year. I’ve mentioned before how when people guess my age I get anywhere from 16-35 as a serious guess and depending on the situation. For years I was always pegged as older – such as when I was 14 and had some teenagers ask me to buy them booze. (Granted – they were already drunk/high at the time so their judgement was impaired, but still.) I hardly ever get carded when I go out and order a drink – in fact the few times I have been carded I’ve usually been with my mother.

In the past few weeks in particular I’ve been told repeatedly by staff, students and parents alike that I “look really young to be a teacher.” When asked what they think my age is they seem to peg me at about 19/20. Granted, I’ve noticed lately that my mannerisms and such might imply I’m younger than I am. I have a tendency to slip into certain modes to win the kids over by showing them I do get their little quips and they need to knock it off. Very effective actually and means I have less discipline problems to manage.

For the record – I’m 23 and yes, that is young to be a fully qualified teacher with two university degrees behind her.

But how is it that when I was 17/18 during my first year of university, I routinely was mistaken for being 19-25. When I lived overseas at 20 I was often confused for being 25 or older. I was able to get into movies that were rated R from 16 onwards without showing ID. Now suddenly I seem that much younger? I’ve been mistake by students as being another student. Thankfully – haven’t had that from teachers (probably because I dress in more professional clothes), though I often get mistaken for being a student teacher.

My conclusion is that compared to my fellow teachers – I really am young. When you see us standing side beside, it just makes me look even younger by contrast. Additionally, I think I’m blessed with one of those faces that you just can’t pinpoint an age for. My mother has a similar face and has looked virtually the same for the past 15-20 years in photographs from the neck up.

All in all – thank god I don’t have adult braces or something like other people. Otherwise people really would think I was still in high school.


About Miss Substitute Teacher

Working as a substitute teacher. Kids really do say the darnedest things!
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